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Welcome to my blog, where I’ll chart my photographic highs, lows, peaks and troughs with irregular blog articles and galleries. Don’t expect pieces with any lasting cultural significance of the famous diarists like Samuel Pepys or Adrian Mole, but I’m not averse to burying my cheese, and my writing ability is similar to that of a 13-year-old teenager (fictional or otherwise).

My website reach is so poor that even a Tyrannosaurus Rex would give me a sympathetic high 5 (sort of) so I know that in a year’s time the only audience I will have attracted is future me, but that’s kind of the point. This is a personal blog documenting my own growth – if it picks up readers along the way then so be it.

Off the back of my limited viewership, I’m not going to hide locations, but I’ll happily readdress this if by some miracle enough people stumble across my musings.  I’ll try and avoid real-life crap (photography is my escape from that) but given the last 2 years have been pretty unusual, I won’t make any promises.


If you are drawn to comment, be kind or I’ll either send you abuse back, or more likely, feel bad about myself for a bit and then forget you exist😉

You might find I throw in the odd review (just in case those Nikon fat cats need something to read on their lunch breaks) and ‘humour’ piece along the way.

There will be no YouTube channel!

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