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Tuesday 15th March - A misty Wiltshire walk

If you read my blogs with any regularity (hello photo friend Simon!) you'll know that I often curse the lack of foggy mornings throughout 2022, but happily for me Tuesday 15th March delivered it in spades!

On mornings like this poor Mrs Shaw is given the Sophies choice of having a shower at 5:30am, or none at all, as the pre-work bathroom routine is shoved forwards a bit to allow me a couple of hours with my camera. Mrs Shaw would call it selfish, while I like to think it's dedication to my craft....!

I've written most weeks that I don't like taking photos of trees in the winter months, but that all changes when there's thick fog, and for the first time in ages I was excited to go out with my camera. As I had limited time I thought I would stay reasonably local and check out a small wood I had been waiting to explore near Pertwood Organic Farm in Wiltshire.

The first thing that caught my eye was a small copse of trees at the entrance to the woodland. It took some limboing under a barbed wire fence (don't judge me) but I couldn't resist getting in amongst them to see what compositions I could find.

With no light to speak of converting the shot above to black and white was an obvious option..

It wasn't just me that was limboing...this oak made a fantastic subject, which held my attention for several minutes. Portrait or Landscape?

It was nice to see that this area was awash with the early signs of bluebells (not that it's easy to see from the image below!)

As I continued through the woods the fog thickened and help to create scenes that probably only exist in conditions such as this...

The highlight of the morning was discovering an abandoned old tractor hidden among the undergrowth. My eldest lad is obsessed with tractors, so not only was this an awesome find for my photography, it also meant I had a brand new family walk option (the promise of.a Zetor would surely encourage a lazy 6 year old to trudge on another mile or so!). A heavy Black and White edit was just about my favourite shot of the day...

After the excitement of the tractor, one last tree caught my eye (below) but then the heavens opened and the rain started to pour. While the mist remained I didn't fancy ruining my work suit and sitting in wet clothes all day (yes, I was in full suit and wellies) so I called it a day and headed for the car.

Although I was only out for around an hour, this was one of my favourite shoots of the year so far, and with more mist in the forecast over the next few days, I was hoping there might be more to come...

Until then, adios!


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