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Being relatively new to social media, and to some extent, Landscape Photography, I’d never picked up on the Instagram obsession with Bluebells

I’d seen Bluebells out before and thought they looked ok, but I never quested to photograph them.

During the first lockdown in the UK, Bluebells amongst the verges and hedges around my home were probably the most interesting thing I could photograph, so my interest was piqued, and I had vowed to make more of an effort to capture them in future.

Fast forward to this year and Bluebell fever hit me hard – to the point where I was grabbing the collar of my Photo ‘fwend’, chanting ‘Bluebells Bluebells Bluebells Bluebells’ at the top of my voice, like some kind of deranged Parrot.

Multiple 4am alarms were set, and hours were spent scouting locations for patches of blue.

In the end I captured some images I was generally pleased with, shared in the gallery below.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and comments.

I’ve learnt a few things from my Bluebell immersion.

  • With Bluebells, conditions really are everything. Light mist + Light = General Awesomeness (LM+L=AW). Take aware one of those elements and the results aren’t as pleasing. For all my efforts I think I experienced a total of about 10 minutes mist this year.

  • When explaining Bluebells, photographers must describe their aroma as ‘intoxicating’.

  • Some YouTubers like to lecture viewers to not trample Bluebells whilst themselves stood in a patch of Bluebells!

  • People don’t like sharing locations (correctly) for fear of prime spots becoming overrun, but that extends to getting irritated if you discover a location they’d been guarding.


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