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Bonus Blog - 14th April - Erlestoke Park Wood - Forecast was wrong!

After my visit at the weekend, Erlestoke Park Wood was very much still in my mind - and the promise of mist on a Thursday was too good an opportunity for me to pass on (with the early sunrises I can be out and at my desk by 8:30 if I'm quick).

As it turned out the forecast was wrong - there was mist everywhere on route but not in the woods. Turns out I was also wrong thinking the Bluebells would be showing. What a waste of everyone's time!

I hated all of the images I captured, but true to my word, I want to show you my failures as well as my successes so here's the best of a bad bunch.

Hopefully, the weekend would be more fruitful....!

(I seriously hate these images!)


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