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January 12th 2022 - Corton Denham

At the start of January, the sunrise in the UK is just after 8, so there's a small window of opportunity to nip out with my camera on the way to work (if I'm quick!). The drive from Wincanton to Sherborne takes me pretty close to the beacon at Corton Denham and with pink skies and low mist I couldn't resist stopping for 30 minutes or so...

I didn't need to do anything fancy - strap a 70-200mm onto my camera, mount it to my tripod (my still new Three-Legged Thing 'Nicky') and click away until my hands stopped working. This spot always seems to catch the coldest winds, and I really felt it given I was in my work suit!

I think that's Yeovil off in the distance, hidden by the mist...(that's how I like my views of Yeovil - hidden!)

There didn't seem to be too many frosts this year, so I was pleased to get at least one image with the fields looking tasty.

The tiny spec way off in the distance (bottom middle) is Glastonbury Tor - I should have gone there!

I love the trees on top of Parrock Hill, although from this side they're not as orderly as they appear from Cadbury Castle. I seem to remember hearing that some time in the late 1800's the trees were planted to commemorate fallen pack horses, but I don't think these are the originals, given their size.

As the sun rose it was time for me to head off, but not before catching the light over South Cadbury.

After all that I was at my desk answering emails by 8:30 - that's dedication!


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