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End of March - Blah, blurgh and bland!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I accidentally learnt a new word in preparation for this week’s blog – eudaemonia, which I discovered while googling a suitable way to describe my current situation (current being circa March 20th 2022 - dog shit, crap or stagnant were probably a bit too crude for my hypothetical audience). Eudaemonia means living in a state of health, happiness and prosperity and consequently flourishing, however my role at work was facing redundancy, the family caught COVID, the weather was blurgh and we were living out of cardboard boxes in preparation for a house move that kept on being delayed. I was uneudaemonia or eudaemonialess. Those words should exist if they don’t actually.

Unfortunately my mindset was affecting my photography, and so I’ve grouped the next few trips together for everyone’s sake.

My regular readers (hi Simon) will recall that I’d spotted a lone tree in my last blog that held promise. In actual fact this particular field boasts three fine trees – all different flavours, which are just begging to be photographed. As they’re in a crop field they’re not really accessible for the best parts of the year, but I thought I would give it a go and see what happened. A drone would definitely be beneficial here to take advantage of the crop when it's at its full height.

Mist was in the forecast later in the week, and although I was feeling pretty ropey (it turned out to be COVID) I thought I'd chance a trip to Lewesdon Hill - an amazing location if you get the conditions right. Despite there being plenty of fog en-route, there wasn't much at all when I arrived at the hill, so I reset my mornings expectations and decided today would be a scouting session instead.

The last of the disappearing as I arrived...(above)

Is this Bluebells I see before me? Definitely a scene to revisit..

A shot I'd seen real photographers take...just needs a strategically placed maple leaf to be a winner!

I love the tree at the back - to me it looks like a strong man posing! (ahem, that's not an admission that I love strong men - turn your gaydars off!). A touch of mist and this could be a nice little scene...

I thought in the absence of leaves the different colours/textures of the tree trunks might make an interesting image. No!

For a short period the mist threatened to come back, but it never quite reached the hill..

See what I mean about potential...

I thought the green grass was an interesting juxtaposition (bellend) from the orange leaf fall but I didn't stick around long enough to work the scene as I felt the need to go back to bed and sleep for a couple of weeks.

Following my COVID diagnosis I was house bound for a few days. My old house had lovely views, and so I was able to capture a couple of snaps from my bedroom. My neighbours might have thought I was a pervert with my camera hanging out the window, but I didn't care anymore as I would be moving in a couple of weeks. (Here's a few more from 'my window' if you're interested).

Do you want some good news? I think that's the worst of it blog wise and we'll finally be moving out of the photographic doldrums. Things started to get markedly better all round from April onwards, so hopefully you might start seeing some images that make all this tedium worthwhile...

Or not!



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