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Friday 13th May - No mist at Witham Park

I suspect most woodland-loving photographers have a favourite local wood, and I am no exception. In my galleries, I've called it Longleat Forest, but in reality, it's a stretch of woodland closer to Stourhead than Longleat that I like to frequent.

Still locked into these early mornings, I'd noticed some late Bluebells on a recent drive past, so I thought I'd check it out Friday morning before work. Mist was a small possibility, but not an expectation.

Here's what I captured..

Oak tree in a local woodland.
A tree I've half heartedly photographed before, but largely ignored because of the fence in the background. For some reason this morning I thought I'd stop at it and although it's not an award winning photograph by any means, it is one that catches my eye each time I scroll past it.
Beech woodland in Spring
With no mist about I needed to be a bit more creative. Here I thought the alignment of the trees might work well in a strongly contrasting light. I'm not sure if it works or not...(which probably means it doesn't!)
Black and White image of a Beech woodland
It might work better as a black and white, perhaps...
Beech woodland in Spring (Black and White)
I clearly wanted to make this scene work, and I think I got closer with this landscape orientation...
Beech woodland in Spring
And again to complete the set..
Beech woodland in Spring
The light was softer if I faced the camera back in to the woods but I think the floor is a bit too messy/boring, despite the nice light
Late Bluebells in a Wiltshire woodland
There were some Bluebells still about in this section, but they weren't really doing anything for me
Late Bluebells in a Wiltshire Wood
A bit further along I found a few more Bluebells - a nice enough scene that I was happy to snap
Late Bluebells in a Wiltshire woodland
Unfortunately, as the trees aligned the Bluebells thinned out!
Woodland image near Maiden Bradley
Some mildly interesting trees caught my attention for a short period..
Woodland images taken near Maiden Bradley
Again with the Black and White
Woodland images near Maiden Bradley
The pair of trees on the left may require a revisit as I'm sure there's a composition in there, so I took a photo as a reminder..

Nothing world-beating today, but sometimes it's good to just get out and practice photography and at the very least I'd got some good exercise in before work.

Ciao ciao


Simon Martin Lewis
Simon Martin Lewis
Dec 19, 2022

Considering no mist, you got some nice images there my lad!

Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw
Dec 20, 2022
Replying to

You're back! Cheers mate x

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