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Sunday 23rd January - Cadbury Castle

I won't apologise for the gap in blog articles, because the various browsers I've used over the last couple of months have accounted for 80% of my traffic! However, if your internet doomscrolling has taken you down the rabbit hole of my website and you were wondering what had happened to me, I recently moved house and have been somewhat distracted for the last little bit. I have been out a bunch of times though so I have loads of new photos, and I'll try my best to catch up.

If this is your first of my blogs, at the start of the year I decided to document all of my photographic adventures for a year in blog format, which is ultimately why I'm now writing about an inconsequential photo trip from January in May.

Cadbury Castle is an odd little location in that there's no chocolate and no castle, so don't be misled by the title. However, what you get is a steep hill, great views of the Somerset countryside and a photo location that's very close to 2 McDonald's, making it a great place to visit if you're feeling more hungry than artistic...

On this particular morning, the forecast had suggested a bright and clear morning with not much happening, so I decided to save some fuel and stay close to home. There was a little bit of atmosphere first thing though, and for a while I got a little bit excited...

There wasn't much light, despite the mist, so I thought a black and white conversion might allow me add some contrast to the scene. Of the two images above I probably prefer the black and white edit.

I tend to eschew the more considered approach that a lot of landscape photographers adhere to, and instead prefer snapping my way around until I get some images that I like the look of on the back of my camera. I will try to be disciplined and edit most of my photos in some way, for practice more than anything, while images that excite me tend to get a little bit more time spent on them.

Most of the photos from this morning only got the quickest of edits, which probably reveals my own thoughts about them, but maybe you see one you like? If you do let me know - I'll give you an appreciative tip of my cap and an awkward 'thank you!' if you do!

I'm not a big lover of winter photography in the UK if I'm honest, I like my trees with leaves and my greens green, but I tried my best to work with the light I had available...

I wanted to get the scene in portrait mode, but the angle I was shooting at made the angle of the ground look weird.

The scene below is fantastic at Sunset, but with the nice pink hue, frost on the ground and the bird in the tree I thought I was on to something. Ultimately I think the composition let me down in the end as much and it feels like too much of the tree is missing..

Once the sun rose all the atmosphere cleared away and I tried my best to force a composition from among the small woods, but I wasn't lovin' it, and I was tucking into a Sausage and Egg McMuffin before you could say Coronary Heart disease.

I captured one more image on the way back down with the trusty long lens - it's not a world beater but the pink bits were nice enough..

Once I get a printer set up I might revisit a couple of images from this set, but overall I felt a bit underwhelmed when I got home - not just with the photography, Mcdonald's had run out of brown sauce too!

If you got this far well done; I gave up about 4 images ago...Sadly, I'm afraid my lack of enthusiasm may continue through the next few blogs as from what I remember the weather was rubbish, but stick with me until Spring, as things are picking up!



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