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Monday 2nd May - Lewesdon Hill (again)

From reading through my blogs I hope you are getting the sense of how obsessed I can get when an area captures my imagination and how hard I work to try and capture some decent photos from those locations. This hard work is essential if you want to increase your chances of bagging a successful image, but in addition to the hard work, you need some luck too, and I was hoping that after countless misleading weather forecasts I would finally get the mist+light I had been craving when on Monday 2nd May the forecast GUARANTEED I would get what I was after.

After so many scouting visits to Lewesdon Hill there was only one destination for me to choose, but true to form, despite some early promise, the mist did not materialise. F*@king weathermen! The good photographer adapts, so once again I was roaming the slopes trying to rescue the morning, and trying to stop my general grumpiness from spilling over into a more significant strop! Some of the compositions I took will be more than familiar by now..!

Bluebells at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
It was still reasonably dark when I arrived, and as there was no mist I thought I would take a walk around an area I hadn't got to before to see if there was anything interesting...this tree tweaked my interest but not enough to stick around for the light
Bluebell scene at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
I thought this scene held some promise but would need focus stacking to get right - something I didn't have the patience for without the mist
Lewesdon Hill in Spring
There was a hint of mist in the exposed section of the hill, but it was fading rather than thickening, so I rushed a couple of shots to try and capture something of the atmosphere before it disappeared completely
Lewesdon Hill in Spring
I probably should have focus stacked this image but that is part of the issue of taking pictures in a strop - you may not slow down enough to think through the compositions fully...
Beech tree on Lewesdon Hill, Dorset.
Back in the woods the strongman tree was still posing..
Interesting Beech Tree at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
I wasn't pleased with my last attempt of this shot so I revisited it again and captured a better (but still not perfect) version.
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
Nice, but the shot I want from this scene is with sun rays beaming in from the side.
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
This one might be one of my favourite Bluebell shots of the season - I really like the way the sun is hitting the 4 most prominent trees (hopefully I didn't blow the highlights...)
Bluebells at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
A similar scene to the one above, but not in direct sunlight..
A new angle at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
I spotted a very curious root that had made a perfect circle and had enough creativity left in me to see if there was a different angle to view the tree avenue I'd shot earlier in the day. I was up against it time-wise, and the camera was balanced precariously on a rock but nonetheless I was quite happy with how the final image turned out ..
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
A snap shot I took on the way down that came out ok - my final shot from Lewesdon Hill this Bluebell season you'll be pleased to hear!

Despite my strop I still managed to capture a couple of photos I was pleased with, however, my motivation for photographing the Bluebells at Lewesdon Hill was fading! Hopefully, I would have more luck with the conditions at a different location...

Until next blog!


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