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Saturday 30th April - Lewesdon Hill

Sunday mornings are my allocated camera time, so if you see a blog title from any other day, you can assume that mist or fog was in the forecast (that'll save me writing it every week!) I must have really really thought it was going to be foggy on this particular morning, as this trip would have involved Grandma coming round to babysit - something that would have required plenty of forward planning on my part!

But alas, the weather continued to slowly lift its skirt, only to reveal a metaphysical 'insert unattractive image of your choice here', and once more there was no mist at my chosen location. Instead of moping about it, I thought I would take the opportunity to explore new parts of the hill I'd not visited before, and I'm kind of glad for that as I 'discovered' a lovely meadow of Bluebells, that in the right light could really stand out...

As usual, let me know what you think in the comments (or not as it tends to be!)

Entrance to Lewesdon Hill in Spring
The photography started at the entrance to Lewesdon - the fern/bluebell combination looked a lot better than this photo indicates!
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset during Spring.
I'm sure there's a good composition with this y-shaped tree - I haven't quite got it here (which is why I've not cleaned up the edges of the image in the edit) but it's bookmarked for when the conditions are right...
Lewesdon Hill during spring
Not sure what I was thinking here - I think I liked the colour of the green?
Fallen tree on Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
Because of the position of the rising sun, this shot would definitely come alive during the right conditions - definitely one to revisit in the future...
Tree swing at Lewesdon HIll in Dorset
I loved this scene and think it works even without the mist. Light on the other hand, would be very welcome!
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset during Spring.
I liked the form of this tree, and thought the straight guy next to it complimented it nicely
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset.
On the morning I was really excited by the potential of this scene (I liked the fine detail). I couldn't settle on a winning composition, but as a 1st attempt I think it's ok - I will hopefully get a chance to revisit this next year and try again...
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
I think this is a better example with a similar scene to the previous photo. I liked the colour combination between the green, orange and blue in particular..
Dorset bluebell scene
Oh dear - this one might either be a creative use of bokeh, or vomit inducing depending on your viewpoint. I know which side I sit on...
Old Beech trees at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
This is another scene that I was really drawn to that probably works well enough as it is but would look glorious in the right conditions..
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
The same set of trees from the other side....nice enough I guess..
Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
Hopefully, this version is less sickly than the portrait attempt...
Old Beech trees at Lewesdon Hill in Dorset
I will capture this scene and be happy with it one day (this is my Hobbit tree from an earlier blog). Not today though unfortunately!

And with that, it was time to get home and relieve Grandma from the torment of my terrible two!

Thanks for coming with me today - if you like mediocre Bluebell images you should read some of my earlier blogs (and if I'm honest, some of my future blogs too as there are still a couple more weeks of Bluebell season left..)


PS I am finding it interesting revisiting these images how often I look at one of my edits and am confused by the direction I took! In particular, I think I could focus on my ability to dodge/burn appropriately, as a lot of my images appear 'flat'. Maybe something useful has come from this blogging exercise after all!

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