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Tuesday 3rd May - Bidcombe Wood, Wiltshire

After so many disappointments at Lewesdon Hill, I had started to think that I might have more success if I focussed my Bluebell efforts in lower lying woodlands, sound logic that might have brought good results, however, as I am an idiot (established over several earlier blog posts) I thought I would trade one hill for another - this time in Wiltshire. I've gone on record as stating that Bidcombe Wood puts on one of the finest Bluebell displays in the South-West, and I stand by that comment, however my last visit here had been too early in the season. By now my frequent early mornings had disrupted my body clock enough that I was naturally waking up at around 4am, so as I was up and the morning was clear, I thought I would have plenty of time to hike the hill and still get to work on time.

This wood has to be seen to be believed - it really is beautiful at this time of year, and I have to admit, the Bluebells were looking fooooooooine.....

Without the conditions, the photography was always going to be middling, but that didn't really matter today, the point of this morning was to just take a stroll and enjoy the spring woodland. With that purpose in mind it was very much mission accomplished - but, as this is a photoblog, here are a couple of shots to prove I'm not making all of this up...

Oak tree surrounded by Bluebells
Look through my image library and you'll get the sense that I love this tree - and you'd be correct!
English Oak surrounded by Bluebells
You get a better sense of how wide this tree is in landscape mode...
Wiltshire Bluebell wood
A shot I've taken a few time, but one that gives a good view of the sheer quality of the Bluebells on show in this wood..
Wiltshire wood in Spring.
It's not just Oak in this location - there are a couple of beautiful Beech trees too..
Wiltshire woodland in Spring
There's also a spot of wild garlic here too - nicely mixed in with the Bluebells this year..
A spring woodland in Wiltshire
A moment of nice light isolated this tree from the background enough to capture my attention

Anyone sick of Bluebells yet?


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