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Wednesday 18th May - Mist at Witham Park

With Bluebell and Wild Garlic season now past their peak the weather finally delivered the fog and mist it had been threatening over the last few weeks. While that in itself was a little frustrating, misty woodland is still misty woodland, and I couldn't resist popping out to my local before work. Here's the skinny from my session;

Beech tree at Witham Park Woods displaying its spring colours
I often get the urge to photograph this tree as it tends to retain it's leaves all year round. I'm not convinced this is my best version of it, but I find the lime green leaves appealing at least.
Young Beech tree in a local woodland with Spring foliage
Another tree that I like to photograph is this one, which tends to catch the light in interesting ways and is a good companion to the beech on the left
Spring woodland scene in Witham Park Woods on the Somerset/Wiltshire border
I was very pleased to capture this shot, from an area of woodland I've walked through many times but had never previously found a composition that aligned.
Oak trees surrounded by Rhododendron plants, in a local woodland on the Wiltshire/Somerset border
Another photo that I'd previously taken was this one, however that had been in Autumn, which had a very different feel. I call these trees the Dancers, as that is what my mind saw when I composed this scene, however after social media comments I should have renamed it the Doggers! I would have loved there to have been more Rhododendron flowers on display but regardless, it's still a nice scene.
Deep in a Beech woodland on the Wiltshire Dorset border
So close! I would love for the two shrubs at the front of the image to not be there, but never mind!
A group of young oak trees align in a spring woodland scene, taken on the wiltshire dorset border.
I'm fairly sure that once upon a time a railway ran along here as there is quite a random banked section of earth, which has a line of interestingly shaped oak trees along it. At other times of year this particular scene is either a bit wild or a bit barren, in Spring it just about comes together
An alignment of trees in a misty woodland on the wiltshire somerset border
I like taking pictures of trees because they don't tend to move that much, however people sometimes screw things up,,,I was pleased with this composition and had hoped to have the opportunity to work it through the seasons, yet just one week later many of these trees had been felled, so this is likely to be one of the last photos ever taken of this scene. It might matter to someone, maybe?!
A black and white woodland scene, taken on the wiltshire somerset border
I liked the earlier scene so much I converted it to black and white.
Beech woodland on the Wiltshire Somerset border
By the time I had reached my favourite section of this wood the mist had mostly passed, but I couldn't resist taking at least one photograph before I left as I found the texture of the trunks of the trees vaguely interesting.

And with that the last of my individual blogs is complete. From now on my blogs will tend to be more of a summary of a collection of trips, that way I'd hope to catch up a bit so I'm at least blogging about events from the same year.

I was pleased with a couple of images from this shoot, and hopefully you liked them too. Prints of any of my images should be available shortly - just got to work out how to turn the infernal printer on first!



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