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Sunday 24th April - Cold Kitchen Hill

I was still suffering from Bluebell fever, and although I knew it was still a little early to get any decent images, I couldn't resist setting the alarm again to try another of my favourite spots - Cold Kitchen Hill. At the top of Cold Kitchen Hill is Bidcombe Wood, a top-secret primo Bluebell location I don't mind sharing as no one reads these blogs!

It's a bit of a trek to get to, but once you've scaled the hill you enter a very nice oak woodland that contains a couple of trees that I photograph regularly (you'll see them if you check out my portfolio..). I think you'd struggle to find a finer Bluebell spot in Wiltshire, and it offers a nice change from the traditional Beech/Bluebell compositions that we all enjoy.

While there were more Bluebells out here than there had been on my previous scouting missions, they were still a way from peak. The oak leaves were still a little bit scarce too, so the light was very bright and contrasty as the sun rose.

I've had great conditions here in Autumn, but proper spring mist/fog had always eluded me. One day I'll get it I'm sure, but until then here are some filler shots to demonstrate the prizes I could have won!

Bluebells in a wiltshire woodland
This tree is one I call Excalibur because of it's vague resemblance to a sword. I take lots of photos of it - most of them are better than this one!
Bluebells in a Wiltshire Wood
Quite often a scene looks amazing to the eye, but doesn't quite translate to a photo. It's a shame, but I think this scene is one of those occasions...
Wiltshire woodland in spring
Here's another example of a scene that looked great in reality but was too contrasty to capture authentically (my editing may be to blame too!)
Spring in a Wiltshire woodland
I love the way the sun lights up the leaves in early Spring - some mist would elevate this for sure!
Bluebells in a Wiltshire woodland
This is a shot I've captured many times and is one I will probably continue to go with until I get the conditions I want (thick fog)
View over Wiltshire hills from Bidcombe wood
For a brief moment I popped out of the Woodland to see what was happening - hazy views and sunrays!
Wiltshire woodlands in Spring
Nice tree but needs light...
Wiltshire woodland in Spring
Another scene that needs some mist to elevate it - without that it just looks too 'busy'
 A wiltshire barn next to an Oil seed field
The views on the way down weren't bad either!

Much of the same again this week, where I didn't manage to bag any keepers, but I did learn a little bit more about one of my favourite places. With my diagnosed case of Bluebell fever I was out and about a lot in April/May - do you think I'll stop moaning about the weather? (....unlikely!)



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