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Tuesday 26th April - Erlestoke Park Wood...again?!

I can see how gambling can become an addiction where the tease of the payout makes it hard to walk away. It was starting to feel that way with the mist - the money shots were within my grasp, I had put in the hard work, I knew where to go, and the right opportunity was surely around the corner...After yesterday's let down the mist was again being suggested by the weather apps. While common sense suggested I should stay in bed and get some much-needed sleep, I was invested now and I wouldn't forgive myself if, after so many misses, I'd slept through the conditions I was craving. So like an idiot, I set another 4 am alarm (much to the frustration of my long-suffering wife!)

Given the work I'd put into scouting Erlestoke Park Wood, this was my location of choice - I was determined to nail the composition I'd been eyeing up for the last few weeks.

It was dark as I set off for Wiltshire, so I couldn't really see the conditions, but it certainly felt like it 'could' be misty, however, once again, as I arrived at my destination I was disappointed to see that it was bright, sunny and clear.

As I was there I tried to make the most of things, but as I only had half an hour or so before I would be late for work, I set to work's what I captured...

Bluebell wood in Wiltshire
Bluebell coverage on the scene I'd been coveting was about perfect, and the leaves where just as I like them - I just needed to wait for the light...
Wiltshire bluebell wood
As the sun rose the colours started to pop, but as my mantra goes - it really needs mist to elevate the scene and get rid of some of that background clutter...
Bluebell woodland in Wiltshire
As the sun got higher it became too much to control the highlights, so it was time to see what else was about
Bluebells in a Wiltshire Woodland
There are plenty of cliched shots about in this section of the wood for the happy snapper...
Bluebell close up
Another cliche, but as I mentioned, time was of the essence, so I was just snapping what I could find...
Bluebell woodland in Wiltshire
I do love this colour combination in nature...
Bluebell woodland in Wiltshire
The light on the trunks of the trees threatened to add some interest...
Wiltshire woodlands in Spring
Although its no classic, this probably turned out to be my favourite photo of the morning as I think it's the image where I've captured the contrasty conditions the best.

If you read the captions for my images alone you'd think I was a right gloomy so and so, and while it is frustrating the conditions don't often play ball, the thrill is in the chase! It is the frequency of the failures that make the successes so enjoyable, and I was certainly due some success based on the law of averages...would it come soon? (Don't count on it!)

Nonetheless, I'd just about had my fill of Erlestoke this Spring, and I'd fallen out of love with the scene I'd been working on. Erlestoke is a busy woodland, popular with families and there were already signs that the Bluebells were being trampled so my focus was about to change to the more secluded woodlands. I might revisit here in Autumn if fog is in the forecast for the exposed roots section, but we'll see..

Take care!


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