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Saturday 22nd January - Lewesdon Hill

Still revelling in my misty success from the previous week, I thought I'd push my luck once again to see if Grandma could look after the boys, as the forecast was suggesting a good chance of mist. Good old Grandma said yes, but sadly for me the weather apps weren't quite as obliging, and the thick pea souper I'd imagined turned out to be a morning of drab drabness and general blurgh.

Because I'm a smart arse I though the best chance to salvage the morning was to head for Dorset's highest spot, Lewesdon Hill, and hope that I'd be high enough to be in amongst the low cloud. A smart arse I may be, but a successful smart arse I am not, and not only was it still grey and blurgh, it was also windier and colder than when I set out on account of being up on a hill.

Lewesdon Hill is a cracking spot for some really characterful Beech trees, but without any light it was very hard to capture anything with any quality, so I used the morning as a chance to get some exercise and spot some compositions for future reference (Bluebell season maybe...?)

Do you think there are any compositions worth exploring again, from the sorry bunch below hypothetical reader?

I was drawn to number of branches associated with this tree, and with the right conditions you could create a pretty cool 'demonic' scene....(imagine the branches as 'fiery hell')

I always try and focus on more intimate scenes when the light isn't right, and on the back of the camera I was really chuffed with this shot. But the 3 dimensionality I wanted to demonstrate didn't come across in my edit - back to dodge and burn school for me!

The Beech in the photo above put me in mind of Lord of the Rings (see below), so with some serious colour grading, and again with the mist, I think we'd be on to a winner.

With a bit of light I think the image below could also be quite strong...

Those roots were also deserving of an image attempt...maybe one to consider for my Vignettes gallery. What do you mean, what's a vignette?

I spent quite a while looking at the nobbles and bobbles thinking there was an image here, and even longer again editing it. But like me trying to squeeze into my wedding suit 7 years down the road, sometimes you have to admit that the nobbles and bobbles don't fit no matter how much you force them...

One thing I was sad to learn was that two trees from my favourites list had fallen in some recent storms and were sadly no more...

All of the trees in the image below had gone...

And the white tree from the image below had fallen too. It made a great focal point in a range of compositions..

Summary of the day? You can't win them all...


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